John Bell

Using delegate evaluation scores collated by a leading international, conference organiser John Bell has now been voted 'Best Conference Speaker of the Year' on four occasions. A Master of Education graduate who taught teachers how to teach, John has also previously worked as a professional stage hypnotist and stand up comedian. It is his unique style of delivery combining top business tips with humour and sensational secrets of the mind that make John one of the most popular speakers on the professional speaker circuit,

His work as a human behaviour consultant over the last 25 years has put him at the forefront of collating best practices in human relations in the UK and throughout Europe. Integral to his on-going research, he annually interviews hundreds of managers, engages in action research, and analyses factors that drive or impede business co-operation and responsiveness for his high-level clients who invite him to share his findings at their event, seminar, convention or conference.

He has the special ability to provide important information in a motivating talk.

Johns dedication and growing expertise as a professional business speaker has led him to conduct primary research into staff behaviour such as managing change, motivation, problem solving and achieving success.

John helps managers and staff to peel back the layers of individual behaviour to discover inspirational and effective strategies for engaging existing and potential customers. And, for the manager, He reveals how modifications to their language, behaviour and style of response can significantly inspire and enhance management staff interaction.

For instance, his research and work on motivation revealed how managers can unwittingly undermine their staffs resolve or collude with negative thinking. As a professional business speaker John is often invited to give a motivating talk at an event, seminar or conference.

His prominence in this field has been recognised and rewarded by invitations to participate in corporate and public sector initiatives. By way of example he was invited by GlaxoSmithKline to sit on a steering group looking at patient expectations in relation to asthma. John was involved in news breaking research into the attitudes of asthma sufferers. The 1000-strong survey indicated that asthma sufferers were missing out on proper treatment because they thought there was no point in going to their doctor..

He was engaged as an event speaker to share the results with conference audiences worldwide and provide a motivating talk to help facilitate change.

Those connected to healthcare were quick to identify John's expertise in mind matters and now he is often asked to provide presentations at healthcare conferences on a variety of patient behaviour topics including asthma, diabetes, non compliance and smoking cessation.

Then an international conference organiser witnessed his ability as a business speaker at an event and realised the content of his talk was relevant to all occupations be they in sales, procurement, HR, management or leadership. Numerous invitations to perform as a conference and seminar speaker soon followed.

John emerged as a rising motivating talk star of conference and event platforms. Conference organisers, The Turner Agency International, using delegate evaluation scores, voted John their 'Best UK Conference Speaker of the Year' and in a relatively short time he gained an impressive portfolio of clients worldwide. His clients rely on his top quality consistency as a business speaker to deliver excellence that is motivational and inspirational.

As a Master of Education graduate his presentation methods delivered as an event speaker are based on sound, person-centered learning carefully designed to be a motivating talk for delegates.

His continuing success relies on his reputation, which is linked to the outstanding, positive feedback companies constantly receive from their delegates.
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Research has shown that the main difference between companies that continuously succeed and those that seem to be forever floundering can often be traced back to a level of motivation held by the staff. John gives advice on how to go about motivating your workforce.

If a workforce is motivated, success usually follows, which in turn inspires and further motivates the employees to yet further success. Successful companies go into a self-perpetuating motion that brings more and more success and the associated rewards.

Ideally, you want your staff to be self-motivated, purposeful in their tasks, with the minimum of direct supervision. If you achieve this you will find that motivation is something that will help you through the inevitable difficult times all companies face on occasions.
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Now that the economy is in recession most analysts will agree that the main difference between companies that succeed and those that seem to be flounder can often be traced back to a level of inspiration held by the staff. Professional business inspiration speaker John Bell describes how to go about inspiring your workforce.

When your staff are inspired by a keynote, business inspiration speaker, success usually follows, which in turn inspires your staff to yet further success. Corporate businesses that survive go into a kind of self-perpetuating motion that brings more and more success.
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Presentation Skills and Public Speaking expert John Bell has produced a course to share his knowledge with a wider audience.

Filled with top tips, it will help anyone who needs to speak powerfully and convincingly to audiences.
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Professional, motivational, inspirational medical and pharmaceutical health meeting speaker John Bells work as a patient behavior consultant over the last 16 years has put him at the forefront of collating best practices in patient relations throughout the world.

Integral to his on-going research, motivating health speaker John annually interviews hundreds of clinical healthcare practitioners, engages in action research on health matters, and analyses the factors that drive or impede patient co-operation and responsiveness for his high-level clients.
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Top motivational speaker John Bell provides an inspirational keynote speech either to open a conference setting a positive ethos for the rest of the event or to close proceedings with a carefully designed presentation that sends delegates away with the 'feel good factor' and good practical advice on how to initiate change in the workplace.
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This in John's most popular speech. Often used as a conference opener to start proceedings by getting delegates into the right frame of mind or to close an event sending delegates home with the 'feel good factor' and great advice on how to go about putting the many good ideas they have picked up at conference into place in the workplace.

Normally running for around 60 minutes this keynote speech is so well tried and tested John offers his clients a total satisfaction guarantee that if fails to motivate, educate, entertain and inspire your delegates he will forgo his speaker fee in full.

In this presentation John weaves the important issues other speakers address during the conference with a plethora of tips on how to succeed during implementation.

Using delegate evaluation scores collated by a large, independent, conference organiser John has now been voted 'Best Conference Speaker of the Year' on 4 occasions. The fact he has been speaking professionally for over 40 years holds a Master of Education degree, and has previously worked as a stand up comedian and stage hypnotist means he doesn't have off days!

Americans call his style of presentation as 'edutaining' where he blends an expert level of education whilst sharing many of the secrets he learnt as a hypnotist delivered with the skill of a top comedian which means this very popular keynote can be given his 'total satisfaction guaranteed', giving you, the event organiser, total peace of mind.

Reviews (2)

Farhan Ahmed 5. April 2017
"As an event organiser with Ahmedia Ltd I engaged professional speaker John Bell as an event compere and motivational, keynote speaker at one of our Healthcare Strategy Forums. As the delegates at this event were made up of Chief Executives and Senior Managers we only invite the very best of speakers to our main platform.

John Bells talents as event compere were truly amazing - he kept proceedings on track and to time throughout the two days with a special blend of information and humor. His motivational presentation at the end of the forum was truly inspiring and sent delegates off happy and enthused - scoring John with the top, main platform speaker marks with comments such as

Excellent presentation - loved it, Fantastic! and Brilliant.As Ahmedia Ltd specialises in providing excellence for our clients we will most certainly be using John Bell again as an event compere and motivational, keynote speaker - he comes highly recommended".
Bessa Cadar 29. March 2017
Feedback from Bessa Cadar of Cheshire East Primary Deputy Head Teachers sent to motivational speaker John Bell

"Your presentation was Continuing Professional Development delivered in a way we have not experienced before.

To say it was received enthusiastically would be an understatement and grossly unfair to you.

The evaluation returns showed that every person present valued your input.

(we do a scoring on a 1 - 5 scale with 1 being the highest, Your score was 1.3, absolutely excellent).

Some of the comments made by delegates were:


'Wonderful - so pleased I was there'

'Excellent in all respects'

'Brilliant speaker - I felt inspired and motivated'


Thank you once again. Your presentation helped make the conference the success it was."

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