Lee Jackson

Lee is a popular motivational speaker who helps leaders and managers find the good stuff that helps them to be their best in the workplace. People say that he is funny, engaging and a breath of fresh air. He doesn't do boring, and he is allergic to bullet points. He delivers great presentations with content that is fresh and new, all delivered in an approachable style that engages even the most reluctant audiences. Unlike many speakers, he loves the graveyard slot after lunch! No jargon, nothing over-complicated, just the good stuff that changes peoples lives, build resilience and increases profit.

Lee the author of eleven books and also the 2016-17 President of the Professional Speaking Association in the UK & Ireland (PSAUKI).

Lee is known for His funny and challenging motivational talk on resilience in challenging times

and occasionally 'Powerpoint Surgery' (he prevents people doing death by Powerpoint - the scourge of the business world!)

'How to be resilient and motivated in challenging times'
'Powerpoint Surgery'
Presentation Skills

"If you need someone to blow a typhoon of fresh air through your business conference, you need look no further than Lee Jackson"

"Lee is a first class communicator, he is able to capture and then maintain an audiences attention with wit, humour and a real-life relevance."

Lee has worked with us as a presentation consultant to make our nation-wide communications meetings the best they can be. There were some great conclusions from his consultation work. The main change has been that we are weaning the presenters off wordy slides and the presenters are now being challenged to learn their script. He was friendly, professional and very knowledgeable on presentation skills and PowerPoint / slide design. We look forward to working with him again.
Specsavers Optical Group
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How to be resilient in challenging times

This is Lees keynote business presentation that helps you and your workplace understand real success and how you can achieve it. Its success 101 nothing boring or complex, just real life advice, research to help grow your resilience, effectiveness and your profits. Lee's vast experience of working in all three sectors makes him an ideal speaker to help to encourage real results and engagement from you and your company.
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PowerPoint Surgery

Sometimes when things get really bad, surgery is required. Bad presentation and slides are everywhere, it appears they have almost become the norm, and very few people seem to want to talk about it. It doesn't have to be that way. Don't let your slides ruin your pitch and lose you money. In this funny and down-to-earth session Lee will wean your company off dull slides forever. He'll also teach you how good presentation slides can even work for you and help you stand out from the crowd. Using Lees simple techniques we can kill death by bullet-point once and for all!
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The Authentic speaker - how to speak like a Pro.

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