Chris Perks
Robert Ashton
Tony Anderson
Julian Birkinshaw
Bruce King
Lord John Bird
Wayne Hemingway
Fraser Doherty
Geoff Ramm
Lawrence Leyton
Sahar Hashemi
Geoff Burch
Jo Owen
Inma Martinez
Gerald Ratner
Debra Searle, MVO, MBE
Neil Laughton
Carl Honoré
Costas Markides
Andy Hanselman
Roger Harrop The CEO Expert
Marc Koska
Peter Fisk
Jonathan MacDonald
Kevin Gaskell
Andreu Mateu
Caspar Berry
Steve Clarke
Conrad Humphreys
Professor Ian Cooper
Angus Kennedy
Tim Bean
Margaret Heffernan
Colin Coulson-Thomas
James Pimentel-Pinto
Nigel Barlow
Trewin Restorick
Alan Moore
Andy Lopata
Dave Erasmus
Carole Gaskell

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